UnHappy Anniversary


A year of such change has gone by, full of new experiences and bliss as well as deep challenges both exteriorly and internally. I never planned to push off this blog so long and to be honest I was quite surprised to see how much time had actually gone by.  One year to the month… Woops!! :(


I was upset with myself for not following through on something I wanted and planned to do, and that would discourage me from approaching it in a peaceful, inspirational way, which was its purpose in the first place. I’m at a point where I can more easily surrender excess pressure and control I put on myself to just be more free with this whole thing. The blog will continue to serve its original purpose: a creative outlet to share inspirations I’ve gathered through my life, as well as my own photography and other creations/projects.


I may play around a bit finding my groove so thanks for being patient with me! And most of all thank you and welcome (back!) to all the old and new readers! Looking forward to the future!



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