I m a g i n a t i o n .Nature.Design.Intuition.Life. M u s i c .Photography.Emotion.Spirit. C r e a t i o n .Artists.Passion.Wisdom. Architecture.Painting.Drawing. L o v e .History.Beauty.Expression. E n e r g y


Hello : ) Welcome to my blog! …to my inspirations, thoughts, beliefs, heart and mind. I received my Bachelors in Consciousness Studies, minor in Visual Arts and I continue to explore the mind, spirit, neurology, psychology, reality, etc. and it’s relationship to the human experience, expression, connection, creative energy, art, cultures, etc.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for 10+ years now and I play around in making music, painting and design. I have also collected others’ art and quotes that I connect to for as long as I can think back, before the internet had even entered my world. I’ve organized my collections and want to share my mind, heart and inspirations with anyone interested, who may find inspiration themselves. This is the culmination of stimulations that led to the artist and lady I am today, and what continues to inspire me to breathe in peace.

..Thank you for your interest..

***I will site every source I can though these were collected over 10+ years, some with no information. Any help identifying is always appreciated! My own pieces are of “erin.nicola”.***


13 thoughts on “..Welcome.To.My.World..

  1. Love your blog! Love your photos! Looking forward to your site! =)
    You’ve inspired me to give my best in the craft I do!

    Keep on blogging! More power to you!

  2. I accidentally ran into your blog while I was surfing online. I read some of your articles, and I must say that I really like your style! I would like to talk to you about the possibility of publishing your articles on the website I work at. If you’re interested in having your articles read, rated and commented by an international audience please contact me.



  3. Hi! i LOVED looking through your blog. Your collected works and their display makes your page very enjoyable. You have a great artistic eye and the different subjects captured add so much to your page :) I’m new to blogging, and would love some tips on how to spice up my blog :) Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. I’ve already said how rad I think this is, and how excited I am to follow you, but here I am again, writing a comment to say how awesome I think the concept is :)

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