. *{ rain }* .

This post begins with an apology; my attention has been distracted by a few temporary projects and I’ve neglected posting for a few weeks. So I’m sorry, but I’m back! Summer has now turned to fall and the heavy clouds and slower pace have nudged me into my own season of long-procrastinated projects, creativity and cleaning. In Seattle, our summer started pretty late and appropriately stuck around longer than usual. Surprisingly, I found myself looking forward to the promised rains in this part of the country and I felt an unexpected peace when they finally arrived.

Rain has been the backdrop for the majority of my life. I walked to school in it, played sports in it, had recess in it, went camping in it, rode my bike in it, basically just grew up in it. Possibly because of this, I didn’t have as much wonder about rain as I did with many other natural phenomena. I just recently recognized this as I became more aware of a growing, unfamiliar affinity and raw appreciation for something I’ve been around my whole life.

I look forward to storms and rain showers, they feel almost like a form of emotional and physical cleansing. I love the power of rain’s dynamic states, how it can be oh so gentle or incredibly forceful, spiritual or physical, nurturing or a burden, metaphorical or scientific, life giving or life taking. More recently for me, a humbling experience; a reminder of my respect and reliance on nature and the systems of our Earth and Universe. I am grateful and excited by this unfolding relationship.


. J e f f . R e i d .

I’ve known Jeff for 8 or so years now, introduced by a friend for our mutual connection to the same film school. Through the years, he has been a great source of information and inspiration for me in my pursuit of photography and film.

We were introduced because he was studying at the film school I was set to attend after highschool. Our friendship began as communication about what to expect at school and such but I ended up going a different route and not attending film school. We kept in touch through the years which includes him opening his home to me when I would be in LA for work (thank you again, by the way!). He has obvious skills and a great visual eye, but he is also a great guy.

Jeff grew up in a small town in Washington state. It is picturesquely surrounded by water and natural scenery as well as having numerous homes in lovely Victorian architecture. I myself have many fond memories of visiting there as a child. The diverse scenery of this corner of the globe is ideal to grow a fond appreciation for nature, lighting, and the desire to preserve such beautiful landscapes.

“Everything seems to fade away when I hold a camera in my hands; problems and frustrations seem to disappear. Trying to see the world in a unique way is both a joy and a welcomed challenge. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was always surrounded by natural beauty. At an early age I became aware of how I could capture this within a photograph.” –Jeff Reid

One thing I love about Jeff’s photography is that beyond his skill, he consistently brings scenes of unspoiled nature. He goes backpacking and hiking into breathtaking areas and documents places not many people often see. From his home state of Washington to many places across California, Mexico, all the way to his European backpacking adventure, I always look forward to his photos. I also feel comfortable and know I can go to him with questions, fears or anything as I grow into a photographer. He always tries to help the best he can and I really appreciate and respect him. I am happy to have met him and even happier we’ve stayed in touch.

“I love to travel and find that I can’t stay in one place for too long, without exploring elsewhere. Whether it’s putting a 30+ pound backpack on and trekking into the mountains, far from another human soul- or hopping on a plane and flying into an urban jungle- I get a rush out of wandering.” -Jeff Reid

“Photography is another great passion of mine. It seems to be the perfect companion to travel. My camera helps push me farther outside of my comfort zone, the extra mile into the unknown…” -Jeff Reid

He currently lives in Los Angeles, Ca and aside from his photography, his day job is a Colorist/Online Editor and he also does freelance video editing (editing reel below). Thank you Jeff, for all the knowledge you’ve shared through the years and for simply being such a friendly, chill guy :)

Reid Visions- Film Editing

Jeff Reid Photography

IMBD Profile

[Travel Blog]

“Versatile -Blogger- Award”

I’ve been on WordPress for almost a month now and I’m still learning how to use parts of it, including all the social memes and such that go on in the  blogging world. I was recently twice nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award” which is basically a way for bloggers to recognize eachother and pass on other blogs they like, I guess helping bring new viewers to eachother’s sites. I don’t usually participate in this kind of stuff, but I think it’s a good way to scatter more viewers around to new pages, connect people and show appreciation for others’ work.

The rules of accepting the “award”:
1] Thank who nominated you in your post.
2] Share 7 things about yourself.
3] Pass the award along to 15 other blogs you love and let them know (if you’re on WordPress, I notified you).

So, thank you, “youasamachine.com” for nominating me. She runs a blog encouraging others to maintain their bodies through everyday health and fitness, specifically using their own body weight at home.

Also, The Four Rooms, thank you for your nomination and kind words. I have just started looking through his blog, but it centers around the concept from an ancient Indian proverb that we all are a house of four rooms: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  “Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person”.

  1. I’m in love with music and my kitty of 17+ years.
  2. I was born deaf in my left ear but had tubes in for the first few years of my life. I now have super acute hearing, 20/15 vision and see magical weirdness in the air :)
  3. Favorite [colors] iridescent, crimson, white, black, maroon, turquoise.
  4. Favorite [food] pear gelato, chocolate, raspberries, Italian pizza, cheese, mango, nutella, pesto.
  5. My passions are neurology, psychology & development, theoretical physics, children, music, art, astrology, geometry, patterns in spirituality through time/cultures, the exploration and progression of quantum theory and the relationships between them all.
  6. I am Polish, German, Irish, Romanian, English, French.
  7. I had a Near Death Experience at age 6 from head trauma during a bike accident, was on the news. I remember my experience existing elsewhere. This was and continues to impact my perception and acceptance of reality, life and death.
[images are my ode to iridescence]

s l e e p

I love the night too much to sleep through it. For many reasons, ever since I was a young girl, I’ve slept in intervals. One of the positives of this is that I am a frequent viewer of sunrise and today, it had me fantasizing about all the places I could be waking up this morning…

comfy bedsdream bedsfloating bedshanging bedsbeanock <3 (beanbag-hammock)


(white sail bed: Okooko, David Trubridge)

(hanging tree camp photo: Louie Psihoyos/Corbis)

(beanock by Le Beanock)